Customer Services

We provide our customer 24/7 hours service. Old Clients can contact us on +92 348 205 8790 and for new Inquiries +92 300 334 6769. Our mission and participation in our customer's success does not stop with on delivery of product.

We got feedback after shipping/selling the product to final consumer usage. Our customer service teams approach clients with the offer of a shared effort and guidelines and experience, which are all aimed for us.

More than 5 highly trained employees are there to give information to the Customer/Clients 24 hours a day. This is why we at Prime Group are proud to serve the needs of a wide variety of export service.

In a business where words like service , freshness and, quality are used interchangeably, the proud team at Prime Group, strive to deliver what customer need, when they need it...never compromising our seafood quality.

In addition to incredible selection, our primary concern is the health and safety of our customers. Our dedication to superior products has led us to develop and maintain our own Brands, which "Prime Group" brands represent the best in quality and loyalty to industry guidelines and standards.